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Hypocracy Politics

LOGIC FAIL - Brought to you by the Tea Party.

JESUS - Went after bankers too.

LIBERAL HYPOCRACY - Do as I say, not as I do.

LIBERAL HYPOCRACY - What's next, Lindsay Lohan in charge of the DARE program?


TSK, TSK, TSK - 1yr ago- Nobel winner. Since then- hate speech, bringing guns to the table, making some ride the back of the bus, etc. Will he have to give it back? Just askin!

PLEDGE TO AMERICA - After unveiling it at a small business. They went back and voted nay to a bill supporting small businesses.

SENSE - This makes none.

JOE MILLER OF THE T PARTY - "Federal entitlement programs are unconstitutional" Wow, his family has received Medicaid & unemployment.